What is a Community Foundation?

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Our Vision

Building a Better Community

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 Our Mission

 The foundation exists to improve the quality of life in Castlegar and District by developing permanent endowments, making responsible grants, and inspiring leadership.




The Foundation will receive and invest donations in a permanent capital fund, and use the income generated to support, promote, advance and encourage, across all age groups:

i. programs and activities that contribute to the development and maintenance of healthy communities;

ii. the establishment of scholarship funds and the funding of specific educational endeavors;

iii. programs for the needy and for the alleviation of suffering and poverty;

iv. amateur sport and community recreation;

v. arts and cultural activities, including music, theatre, film, dance, literature, weaving, painting, sculpture and pottery;

vi. preservation of historic or environmental values;

vii. economic non-profit projects, and projects and endeavors of a charitable nature which contribute to the well-being of residents of the City of Castlegar and Electoral Areas I and J;

The Foundation will also receive funds to invest separately from its own capital fund and use in accordance with the wishes of the donors, consistent with the charitable purposes of the Foundation.



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Community Foundations of Canada

"We are the Canadian movement for community vitality, with 191 community foundations across the country. We are connected by our national network, Community Foundations of Canada, and together, we help Canadians invest in building strong and resilient places to live, work and play."

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